How we buy



Global and integrated management

EDP Group’s procurement policy is governed by a management model which is defined by the globalization of procurement activities, the excellence of buyers, the transparency of processes and equal opportunities for all suppliers.

The Group’s procurement policy includes the following complementary processes:

Strategic Procurement

The process begins by identifying the need to purchase a given good or service, resulting from a new process or the expiration of an existing agreement. Having gone through all market analysis, queries, proposals, proposal analysis and negotiation stages, the process is concluded with the tender award and the subsequent contract.

Transactional Procurement

Transactional or Operational Procurement processes consist in manging purchase requisitions and orders with the purpose of placing orders under existing contracts. They also include the follow-up and monitoring of suppliers' deliveries, streamlining them and minimizing any possible delays

Treasury Department

The treasury department comprises all activities pertaining to the reception, analysis, approval and payment of invoices, according to the payment system established in each location’s Business Units.

Report Activities

Reporting the Group’s procurement activities is a strategic capacity, supported by cross-cutting and globally integrated information systems whose main objectives are: consolidating information, generating management information and analyzing performance levels.

Sustainable Procurement

We at the EDP Group believe that we should promote within our supply chain socially, economically and environmentally responsible practices that can contribute to improve society as a whole. Our suppliers' long-term sustainable development is crucial to sharing of our success, and we therefore select, and actively collaborate with, suppliers that share our ethical values and sustainability commitments.