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The EDP Group Supplier Registration System (SRF), developed and managed by partners GoSupply Services ( and InnoWave Technologies (, is a tool to support the suppliers search and selection, through the detailed provision, validated and updated information, making its level of registration and information visible to all Group companies, with supplier management being centralized in this tool.

The process of registration, for which all administrative charges will be supported by EDP, is a mandatory requirement for any company that wishes to be considered for the tenders of the EDP Group.


Supplier Registration System

In the EDP Group, the Corporate System of Supplier Registration works as the support to research and supplier selection by providing detailed information, validated and updated by credible sources in order to guarantee their accreditation through criteria of risk, quality and sustainability.

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Once registered, a supplier can:

  1. Participate in processes of purchases and sales of products and/or services.

  2. Alter or confirm registered information at any moment, by accessing the portal with a unique password.

  3. Upload documents directly onto the platform.

  4. Choose from over 1.000 categories of products and services that best identify your activity and portfolio of products and services, organized by the following segments of activity:

    • Construction Services and Contracts

    • Generation

    • Networks

    • Renewables

    • Corporate Services

    • Information Technology and Communication


Registered companies benefit from:

  • Visibility to all structures and companies within the EDP Group;

  • Participation in goods and/or services purchase/sale processes electronically;

  • Sharing, within the EDP Group’s management systems, of the registration data required to assess risk and sustainability in selection/purchasing processes pertaining to goods and services;

  • Permanent autonomy to change/confirm your registration data through an exclusive access key;

  • A supply philosophy framing within product and service categories that best identify your activity and goods/services portfolio.

How it Works

This registration process works as a research tool, allowing for the selection of suppliers from a database shared by all EDP Group companies.

Registration will be validated once the supplier goes through all registration formalities. The supplier will be notified by email, and will be provided with a user number and the corresponding access key.

Keeping the registration data up-to-date and reliable is the sole responsibility of the supplier.

Registration Levels

The registration system is segmented into four levels, with succeeding levels of information requirements:

I - Elementary

  • General Information

  • Financial Data

II - Basic

  • Elementary

  • +

  • Additional Financial Data

  • Contractual Obligations (Tax Authoriy, Social Security, etc.)

III – Advanced*

  • Basic

  • +

  • Compliance

  • General information regarding Quality

  • General information regarding Environment

  • General information regarding Prevention & Safety

  • General information regarding Sustainability

IV - 360º*

  • Advanced

  • +

  • Compliance

  • Complete information regarding Quality

  • Complete information regarding Environment

  • Complete information regarding Prevention & Safety

  • Complete information regarding Sustainability

*For levels III and IV, suppliers will be invited according to the criteria defined for the management of the Sustainability in the Supply Chain by the EDP Group.

All administrative charges involved are supported entirely by EDP.

Policies relevant for our supplier relations

Policies relevant for our supplier relations

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The Qualification Program is a basic document where the following aspects are defined:

  • Purpose and duration of the Qualification System;
  • Communication channels, addresses and contacts;
  • Impediments;
  • Legal mode of association of the parties that are interested in the qualification;
  • Requirements for subcontracting purposes;
  • Mandatory minimum requirements;
  • Specific requirements for the Qualification Program;
  • Supplier selection criteria for tender submission;
  • Qualification maintenance criteria.

The analysis of qualification requests is a two-pronged process:

  • Supplier approval
  • Supply approval


Qualification systems

Supplier qualification is a process by which EDP establishes a list of qualified suppliers to supply a particular category of goods or services. In order to achieve this, a number of objective and transparent criteria are applied, of a quantitative and qualitative nature, be their technical, environmental, economic and financial, or of any other specific kind.


For any issues pertaining to the Suppliers Qualification process please get in touch with:

Procurement solutions

In order to streamline and foster transparency in our relationship with EDP Group suppliers, we provide advanced platforms and tools that simplify the supplying process.

The EDP Group has implemented electronic solutions that cover all procurement and supply chain processes, which allow for:

  1. Greater simplicity and availability when communicating with suppliers.
  2. Simplification of concomitant administrative tasks.
  3. Significant efficiency and effectiveness improvement.
  4. Minimized errors and costs.
  5. Strengthened transparency and equal opportunities among suppliers.
  6. Strengthened competitiveness, thanks to improved access to global market suppliers.


Sinergie – Supply Integration for Energy is a corporate environment web platform, fully developed by the EDP Group Procurement team. Its goal is to streamline the relationship between the procurement and market areas in a simple and safe way.


In the EDP Group, the Corporate System of Supplier Registration works as the support to research and supplier selection by providing detailed information, validated and updated by credible sources in order to guarantee their accreditation through criteria of risk, quality and sustainability. 

Electronic public procurement

Procurement rigor and transparency are essential factors for any company, and EDP’s regulated branch complies with the requirements established for Special Sectors in the Public Contracts Law, pursuant to Portuguese legislation. This solution allows for the management of the entire procurement process in a safe and transparent manner.

Public Electronic Procurement


Streamlining and interacting with our partners in a simpler and faster way is a determining factor for our success. This electronic tool allows suppliers to manage all documentation pertaining to their continuing relationship with EDP, e.g. by entering their invoices into the system.


One of the strategic vectors for the development of supplier relations is their evaluation. This process is based on rational, uniform and mostly quantitative criteria, which, combined with clear and meaningful procedures, foster the development of EDP’s relationship with its supplying chain.

The implementation of this method for the evaluation of suppliers, the monitoring of the process and the systematization of suppliers' performance translates into the functional coordination of multidisciplinary teams. The operationalization of the suppliers' evaluation process is carried out by the structures that are in charge of logistics and by the Business Units that are supplied with that particular good or service.

The main goals guiding the suppliers' evaluation process are:

  • Reducing risks when selecting suppliers;
  • Improving the performance of EDP Group suppliers, from a continuous improvement perspective;
  • Meeting quality (ISO 9001: 2008) and environmental (ISO 14001: 2012) standard requirements;
  • Meeting specification requirements for occupational safety and health (OHSAS 18001: 2007);