Relationship management

By creating opportunities for our suppliers, we enhance our contribution to society. To be an EDP Group supplier and enjoy all concomitant advantages, you must first register your application.

Procurement solutions

In order to streamline and foster transparency in our relationship with EDP Group suppliers, we provide advanced platforms and tools that simplify the supplying process.

The EDP Group has implemented electronic solutions that cover all procurement and supply chain processes, which allow for:

  1. Greater simplicity and availability when communicating with suppliers.
  2. Simplification of concomitant administrative tasks.
  3. Significant efficiency and effectiveness improvement.
  4. Minimized errors and costs.
  5. Strengthened transparency and equal opportunities among suppliers.
  6. Strengthened competitiveness, thanks to improved access to global market suppliers.


Sinergie – Supply Integration for Energy is a corporate environment web platform, fully developed by the EDP Group Procurement team. Its goal is to streamline the relationship between the procurement and market areas in a simple and safe way.



In the EDP Group, the Corporate System of Supplier Registration works as the support to research and supplier selection by providing detailed information, validated and updated by credible sources in order to guarantee their accreditation through criteria of risk, quality and sustainability. For more information please contact the Supplier Management team. E-mail: srm@edp.pt Phone: +351 210 015 300


Electronic public procurement

Procurement rigor and transparency are essential factors for any company, and EDP’s regulated branch complies with the requirements established for Special Sectors in the Public Contracts Law, pursuant to Portuguese legislation. This solution allows for the management of the entire procurement process in a safe and transparent manner.



Streamlining and interacting with our partners in a simpler and faster way is a determining factor for our success. This electronic tool allows suppliers to manage all documentation pertaining to their continuing relationship with EDP, e.g. by entering their invoices into the system.