Qualification systems


Relationship management

By creating opportunities for our suppliers, we enhance our contribution to society. To be an EDP Group supplier and enjoy all concomitant advantages, you must first register your application.

The Qualification Program is a basic document where the following aspects are defined:

  • Purpose and duration of the Qualification System;
  • Communication channels, addresses and contacts;
  • Impediments;
  • Legal mode of association of the parties that are interested in the qualification;
  • Requirements for subcontracting purposes;
  • Mandatory minimum requirements;
  • Specific requirements for the Qualification Program;
  • Supplier selection criteria for tender submission;
  • Qualification maintenance criteria.

The analysis of qualification requests is a two-pronged process:

  • Supplier approval
  • Supply approval


Qualification systems

Supplier qualification is a process by which EDP establishes a list of qualified suppliers to supply a particular category of goods or services. In order to achieve this, a number of objective and transparent criteria are applied, of a quantitative and qualitative nature, be their technical, environmental, economic and financial, or of any other specific kind.


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