sustainable procurement

EDP Group's procurement process is developed within the framework of the following Sustainable Procurement Policy

  1. Compliance with laws and regulations in force and internal governance procedures applicable to the activity of the interested stakeholders;
  2. Adoption of a responsible environmental policy that respects the environment by mitigating the adverse impact of the business activities;
  3. Equal, transparent and impartial treatment, ensuring advantageous dialogue and respect for the commitments mutually made;
  4. Making adequate consultation and communication channels available to all stakeholders;
  5. Adopting high moral and ethical standards and acting with integrity, based on the EDP Group Code of Ethics, abstaining from any practices of bribery, corruption, extortion or fraud;

  6. Confidentiality of all shared information, ensuring its non-transmission to others and respect between the parties involved;

  7. Elimination of conflicts of interest that undermine objectivity and independence in decision-making;
  8. Promotion of respect for dignity and human rights and rejection of any form of forced labor or child labor, harassment, discrimination, abuse or other types of physical or psychological violence;
  9. Satisfaction of the requirements concerning occupational safety, hygiene and health;

  10. Support for the economic development of local communities in which the group operates;
  11. Foster continuous improvement, innovation and the sharing of best practices in efficiency, quality of goods or services and the proposal of new market solutions / opportunities.