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Code of Conduct

The EDP Group’s procurement commercial transactions are based on two contractual tools: the Supplier Code of Conduct, which spells out the general and common rules, and the Contract, which explains the specific rules.

The supplier registration process in EDP implies formal acceptance of the Code of Conduct.

The supplier is asked to commit to additional provisions and to submit certifications, depending on the specificity of the Specifications and Risk Analysis.

Any exception or amendment to the referred general conditions takes the form of “Specific or Additional Conditions” and these will only be valid if made in writing, approved and signed by the legal representatives of the parties, in which case they prevail over earlier conditions.

Any conditions or specifications that the supplier may insert into documents of any nature that are contradictory to the provisions of the General, Specific or Additional Conditions will be void and have no value.


Outsourcing is permitted only on prior written agreement of the EDP Group. In the event of outsourcing the supplier remains solely responsible for the performance of the contract and all associated obligations.

The Supplier Code of Conduct consists of the following documents:

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What is the main purpose of EDP Supplier Code of Conduct?
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The Code of Conduct is a document that binds all and any EDP supplier of goods and/or services to 7 values within its professional and business activities (i.e., Compliance; Ethics; Environment; Workplace Environment; Health and Safety; Human Rights; Sustainable Management) thus aligning their values with those promoted by EDP.

To which suppliers will EDP Code of Conduct apply?
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The Code of Conduct applies to all entities that supplyor intent to supplyany goods and/or services to any EDP Group company.

How will EDP’s supply chain relationships unfold according to the Supplier Code of Conduct?
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Acceptance and compliance with the Code of Conduct is required in the following moments of interaction between EDP Group and its suppliers: 1)  during the supplier registration process; 2) during the consultation process; 3) by the moment a service and/or goods contract is signed.

The supplier there on agrees to adopt management procedures that allow for an accurate monitorization of the Code’s requirements, reporting EDP of any failure in applying any clause of the Code and providing evidence of its application, shall it be requested by EDP.

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The Supplier Code of Conduct consists of the following documents: