sustainable procurement
Sustainability in the supply chain

Sustainability Management

The management of Sustainability in the Supply Chain is assigned to the Global Procurement Unit (GPU). It is the responsibility of the Chief Procurement Officer (CPO) to implement the supplier relationship management policies (SRM) and coordinate the issues of sustainability. The Global Procurement Unit works closely with the Corporate Sustainability Department.

The Chief Procurement Officer (CPO) manages the Corporate Procurement Development department which is responsible for developing Sustainability in the Supply Chain, through the Supplier Relationship (SRM) area.

Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) functions:

  • Propose and coordinate the implementation of evaluation, qualification and development methodologies for suppliers of the EDP Group globally;
  • Ensure the management of supplier qualification processes and the maintenance of the respective databases;
  • Promote supplier development programs;
  • Support the development of performance assessment methods for suppliers of the EDP Group;
  • Promote the dissemination of the principles of sustainability in procurement and coordinate the relationship with the responsible areas;
  • Ensure the functional coordination of the supplier management areas, on the corporate web;
  • Consolidate the risk assessment information for suppliers;
  • Implement control policies and processes in the supplier database of the EDP Group;
  • Coordinate SRM at the corporate level.