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ADP is a private and independent organization whose mission is to promote and upgrade the training and information of business leaders of companies and their business people through the dissemination of training activities, skill gathering and professional improvement. Founded in 1956, this nonprofit organization aims to help companies to become more innovative. Through workshops, seminars and courses, APD aims to inform the member companies on the latest trends in the market and foster the exchange of ideas and opinions among its members.
The CIGRE is the largest international organization of research and development of the electricity sector, especially with regard to large electric high voltage transmission networks. It has a close connection with various international organizations in this area and especially with standardization bodies such as the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) and CEI (International Electrotechnical Commission). CIGRE - International Council on Large Electric Systems, founded in 1921, is an international nonprofit organization who aims to promote cooperation with experts from all over the world to share knowledge and bring new information about the electrical system power.
The FEEX is a nonprofit association that aims to address the great need of Spanish companies in the internationalization process of their activities and businesses. Created in 2004, the association aims to promote international labor mobility. Its mission is to defend the interests of associated companies, before Spanish and foreign institutions, in all processes related to entering another country, as well as the sharing of information amongst the associated companies regarding their practices and policies for managing expatriates and the characteristics of the countries in which they find themselves.
Ihobe is a public company of the Department of Environment and Territorial Policy of the Basque government in Spain, whose goal is to disclose and implement a sustainable and environmental culture. The Ihobe was created in the Basque Ecodesign Center, an institution with its headquarters in the Basque Country and constitutes a major step in the collaboration of the private sector companies and the government. The goal is simple: to put into context and implement innovative projects of ecological design which increase the progress made in the rest of the industrial fabric of the region. EDP Spain is one of the partner companies of Ihobe.