Diversity and Inclusion
Equal rights in a world of differences

The struggle for social rights has been made at various speeds, all around the world. However, with the increased globalization and information easily reaching everywhere, issues such as diversity, inclusion or gender equality cannot continue to be ignored. Now or Never.

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Did you know that the Sustainable Development Goals, related to Diversity and Inclusion, encompass 31 goals for 2030, in topics such as gender, age, minorities, disabilities, religions, sexual options and economic conditions?

Now or Never

A podcast that discusses the present and seeks solutions for a more sustainable future

  • Catarina

    Catarina Barreiros

    Graduated with a major in Architecture and with a master's degree in Management, she was a fashion stylist and worked in Digital Marketing, in a luxury product company, and in a pharmaceutical company. The documentary Cowspiracy and a conference on Zero Waste generated the first concerns with sustainability. She created the blog Do Zero and today seeks to live with the minimal ecological footprint possible.

  • Fernanda

    Fernanda Barata de Carvalho

    University professor in the areas of innovation, organizational transformation and management consulting, Fernanda Barata de Carvalho worked 24 years at Accenture, in departments such as Human Resources, Ethics and sustainability. Although originally graduated in Pharmacy, she has made her professional career in the area of Human Resources and, currently, as a consultant specialized in Diversity and Inclusion.

  • José Pedro Borges

    Graduated in Psychology from the University of Lisbon, José Pedro Borges has been working at EDP for eight years in the area of Human Resources. In 2019 he assumed the position of sub-director of People Experience Unit, which, among other topics, manages the issues of Diversity and Inclusion.

Generation Zero

A web series that highlights Portuguese families with inspirational sustainable practices

The Martins dos Santos are a full house. Full, above all, of love. With a career in the area of Human Rights, Joana brings that look of a policy of affection to her own family. With her husband, Michael, and after having three grown up children already, they adopted little Juju. Her extra chromosome - Juju has Down Syndrome - has been turning up to be an opportunity to discover new realities. And in this discovery, parents and children grew and widened horizons. As the same extended horizon, which can be seen from the family home in Gerês, a project that wanted to respect the mountain, just as the Martins dos Santos want to respect the world around them, in all its dimension. Get inspired by this family, and start making a difference and fighting prejudice. Diversity and Inclusion is everyone’s responsibility. Do you accept the challenge?