environmental dimension

Monitor and minimize

Reducing emissions to the environment is a public pledge and a common practice in all EDP activities.

EDP’s thermoelectric plants have wastewater treatment facilities in order to ensure the quality of the water that is released into the water environment.

The EDP Group regularly monitors the quality of effluents, under the provisions set out in the respective environmental permits and current legislation.

In the case of Soto Ribera effluents are discharged into the Nalón river, which has been declared a Community Interest Site. Its effluents are subject to temperature conditions and physical-chemical parameters which ensure that the receiving medium is not affected.

The thermal impact of cooling water from EDP’s thermoelectric plants is periodically monitored according to the specific features of each plant and their respective environmental permits. Aerial thermography and other measurements allow us to verify our compliance with established temperature limits.

Check detailed information on the quality of treated and rejected effluents on EDP thermoelectric plants: