EDP integrates several organizations dedicated to sustainability in its environmental, economic and social aspects. 

We are commiteed with several important iniciatives and partnerships, that help us to achieve our goals and commitments.

We are changing tomorrow, now. 

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American Wind Energy Association (AWEA)

The American Wind Energy Association is a national association in the United States representing the players in the wind power industry. With hundreds of members, ranging from utilities, researchers, parts manufacturers and energy companies, AWEA promotes wind energy as a clean source of electricity for American consumers. The wind force is creating a major impact on combating climate change and reducing greenhouse gases. Through sustainable initiatives, the association hopes to change attitudes and improve the environment. EDP is one of the partner companies.

APREAN Renewable Spain

APREAN Renewable arose from the need to coordinate the action of the companies promoting and producing wind power, photo-voltaic panels or biomass energy. The association acts as a liaison between the Local and Central Government in Spain, as well as with all public and private bodies. Its main objective is to act as a representative for its members and to both coordinate and participate in the economic, professional and business interests of its members. The organization is responsible for providing all the necessary information to its members, like legislation, studies or research in this area, as well as training and workshops. APREAN Renewable is also a member and plays an active role in the Wind Power Companies Association (AEE), of which EDP is a member.

B4SI - Corporate Citizenship

The EDP Group is a member of B4SI  - Business for Societal Impact (formerly LBG) since 2008, a working group consisting of more than a hundred large International companies that aims to measure the return on investment made for the benefit of society. This model of voluntary membership allows companies to assess how they are promoting the development of the Community in a more consistent and rigorous way. The B4SI model enables EDP to register the social impact of its social investment projects/activities. At the same time, it also allows the group's shareholders to confirm the results of their investments in social organizations projects.


The Business Board for Sustainable Development is a nonprofit association created in October of 2001 by the initiative of the companies Sonae, Cimpor and Soporcel, associated with WBCSD (World Business Council for Sustainable Development) with another 33 leading national companies with the mission to transpose the guiding principles of WBCSD to the national level. The main mission of BCSD Portugal is to make business leadership become a catalyst for change toward sustainable development and to promote eco-efficiency, innovation and social responsibility in the companies. EDP is part of the management of BCSD since its founding 15 years ago and is also a member of the WBCSD (World Business Council for Sustainable Development), the parent company of BCSD Portugal.  In 2017, EDP subscribed BCSD’s Letter of Intent. This document establishes the main sustainability principles that the subscribing companies voluntarily adopt and seek to extend to their value chain.