In order to comply with the SDG 12 of the United Nations, we want more and more energy production and consumption to be sustainable, with the efficient use of natural resources.

To that end, we are leaders in the Energy Transition, promoting the decarbonization of consumption and of our production. 

Our goals

  • Assimilating the concept of circular economy
  • Achieve a 100% environmental certification for the EDP Group's operational activities, including the suppliers exposed to high risks

Our indicators since 2015

  • Water consumed: 250 thousand liters
  • Particle emissions: 95 g / km
  • Waste generated: 5 tons
  • Variations in specific waste materials
  • 2015 - 1000 | 2016 - 2000 | 2017 - 3000 | 2018 - 4000

Our initiatives:

Stimulating the circular economy

The circular economy emerges as a bet on the general reduction in the consumption of natural resources and also represents an opportunity for the development of new businesses.

A good example is the reutilization of plaster at the Sines Power Station. This plant is an authentic "plaster factory", which makes it possible to reuse this waste, which would otherwise be deposited in landfills. In 2017, 140 thousand tons of plaster were produced from a coal consumption of 3.6 million tons. The plaster was then sold on the national and international market. 

Find out more examples in which we apply the Circular Economy.

Recycling of wind turbine blades

EDP Renováveis celebrated a cooperation agreement with Thermal Recycling of Composites for the implementation of a wind turbine blade recycling program. This agreement was based on the R3FIBER system, a technology that allows the complete recycling of disused turbine blades, which makes the environmental impact of wind power even more significant and positive.