There is an urgent need to put measures in place to tackle climate change and its impact on our planet. For this reason, and in order to contribute to UN SDG 13, we are spearheading the energy transition process by decarbonizing energy production and consumption.

We are at the forefront of the Energy Transition process, and that is why we are committed to decarbonizing our production and promoting the decarbonization of energy consumption.


Our objectives

  • Implement plans to adapt to climate change (CC) in all business units (BU);
  • Reduce CO2 emissions;
  • Obtain environmental certification for all activities within the EDP Group, including suppliers exposed to high risks.

Our indicators since 2015

  • Business units with CC adaptation plans: 25
  • Changes in emissions: 2015 - 1000 | 2016 - 2000 | 2017 - 3000 | 2018 - 4000
  • EDP Group environmental certificates: 50%
  • Environmental certificates for suppliers exposed to high risks: 15%
  • Investment: 15,000,000€
  • Parties involved in the initiatives: 2400


Our initiatives

Setting up specific plans to adapt to climate change

An example of this is Clim2Power, a European project for adapting the energy system to climate change, with EDP as one of the partners. The purpose of this project is to predict the next season's weather conditions, cross-check that data with electricity demand forecasts, and use this information to plan the management of the electrical system. This research has pilot projects in Portugal, France, Sweden, and Germany/Austria. In Portugal's case, the study is being conducted in the Douro basin.

Promoting the fight against Climate Change

Disseminating information and raising awareness on EDP topics, as well as offering customized classes through EDPR Rural. These theoretical and practical classes are aimed at local farmers.

Scientifically recognized CO2 reduction goals

EDP's commitment to reducing CO2 emissions is a scientifically validated contribution to combating climate change. This effort has been certified by the Science-Based Target initiative (SBTi), which validates the targets set by EDP in this regard: reducing combined specific emissions (scope 1 and 2) by 55% between 2015 and 2030, as well as reducing absolute scope 3 emissions by 25% between 2015 and 2030.

Climate change awareness initiatives

A good example was the TWIST competition. Under the motto 'Your energy makes a difference', this EDP Serviço Universal/iWays initiative was supported by ERSE (as part of NAPE) and aimed at educating, motivating and raising the awareness of young people on issues such as energy efficiency, climate change, and sustainable development.