In order to fulfill our commitment to the United Nations' SDG 8, we promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth, as well as equal treatment in employment.

Our objectives:

  • Have a total of 2% of employees with disabilities by the end of 2020;
  • Equal salary for employees who have the same functions;
  • Achieving 100% on the EDP certification, including suppliers exposed to high risks;
  • Achieving zero fatal accidents.

Our indicators since 2015:

  • Employees with disabilities: 0.4%
  • JAP volunteers (Junior Achievement Portugal): 57
  • Audited Suppliers: 65
  • Certified Business Units: 120
  • Suppliers exposed to high risks: 134 certificates
  • Fatal accidents: 0

Our initiatives

  • Our initiatives
  • Salary criteria (collective recruitment %)
  • Criteria for hiring new employees
  • Internship programs in the various business units of the EDP Group
  • Volunteering for Junior Achievement Portugal
  • Application of the suppliers' code of conduct, as well as carrying out audits directed at the suppliers
  • Obtaining certifications
  • Awareness campaigns and changing processes, as is the case with "Programa Atenção Mais"