In order to comply with UN SDG no. 9, we have committed to building resilient infrastructure, championing inclusive and sustainable industrialization, and stimulating innovation.

Our goals:

Investing €200 million in innovation projects until 2020;
Boosting energy savings by more than 1 TWh until 2020, while also reducing emissions.

Our indicators since 2015

  • Investment in innovation projects: 2,000,000 €
  • Installed Smartgrids: 230
  • Energy saved (accumulated): 0.5TWh
  • Emission reduction: - 15%
  • VE Outlets: 130

Our initiatives:

Smart Grids

We have been investing in Smart grids - systems that react to consumer actions in a smart way and make Portugal a more efficient, sustainable and innovative country. We have several innovation projects underway in this field. 

Save to compete

Save to Compete is a program that promotes the competitiveness of Portuguese and Spanish companies through energy efficiency measures. Created in 2012, the program has allowed companies to save more than €18 million, over 174 GWh of electricity, and more than 70,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

Energy management and storage projects

Storage and flexibility solutions will be one of the hallmarks of the new energy paradigm, with the transition to decarbonization, decentralization, and electrification. We at EDP have several projects in this area; one of them is SENSIBLE, a project that aims to demonstrate the benefits of integrating battery systems into distribution network and of self-consumption solutions for residential customers. As renewable energies slowly take over the market, this project also aims to showcase the benefits consumers and the network can reap from new business models. The pilot project was deployed in the village of Valverde (Alentejo) and allowed each customer to save about €300. 

Championing Electric Mobility

Through articles on the subject, as well as by offering electric mobility services, investing in charging stations for fleets, and joining the EV 100 global initiative with the commitment to electrify 100% of our light fleet and 50% of our heavy vehicles.