Management Approach

social dimension

Valuing involvement

We foster close relationships and trust with our stakeholders, incorporating their input and expectations into decision making.

Strategic Vision

The management of stakeholders is a demanding exercise in sharing and transparency for companies in their relationship with society and, in particular, with the entities that affect or are affected by its operations.

To listen, understand and work with our stakeholders through a dynamic process that creates shared value allows us to anticipate challenges, minimize business risks and create new relationship opportunities.

The involvement of stakeholders in governance models is therefore more than an example of good business practice: it is a competitive lever with a positive impact on the EDP Group’s performance .

Mission and objectives

To contribute to the effective and genuine involvement of the EDP Group stakeholders in all countries, surpassing simple compliance with the formal requirements of the law, is the mission of thestakeholders Management of EDP Group, whose goals are:

  • To dynamically and systematically identify the stakeholders that influence and are influenced by the activities of EDP Group;

  • To be familiar with the perceptions EDP Group stakeholders have of the company and what issues they consider relevant in to interaction with the organization;

  • To strengthen the relationship of trust, transparency and proximity to all EDP stakeholders;

  • To integrate stakeholders’ expectations with the management of the EDP Group;

  • To identify emerging risks and opportunities in the relationship with the stakeholders;

  • To identify, explore and develop new opportunities to create value either through dialogue with the various areas and business units of the EDP Group, or through the promotion of many-leveled projects with the stakeholders;

  • To turn the stakeholder management into a tangible exercise with a positive impact in the company.


The stakeholder methodology of the EDP Group is based on its relationship policies and procedures and is divided into four stages of operation:

Inside view

  • Identification, segmentation and stakeholder selection;
  • Identification of relevant topics;

External view

  • Definition of an auscultation model of the stakeholders to know the issues they consider relevant, as well as their expectations and perception of EDP;
  • Identification of risks and opportunities;

Action plan

  • Defining the relationship model with the stakeholders;
  • Definition of actions to manage important issues, in line with the strategy and objectives of the EDP Group;

Monitoring and reporting

  • Relationship status tracking with the stakeholders;
  • Identification of good practices and lessons learned;
  • production of information required with respect to the results achieved and the annual publication of a stakeholder report;

EDP Group

Stakeholder Relationship Policy

The involvement of Stakeholders in the EDP Group is a strategic priority for maintaining open and transparent dialogue between the Company with its Stakeholders.

EDP Group

EDP Stakeholder Engagement Procedures

These Procedures establish minimum requirements to connect with external stakeholders on all Business Units fully owned by EDP Group.

EDP Group

Stakeholders Report 2018

About the relationship between the EDP Group and its stakeholders, the external consultation process was carried out in 2018. In this report, we present the results of this study.



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