gobierno de la sociedad
Por un objetivo común

EDP's governance structure is based, since 2006, on the dual model and consists of the General Meeting, Executive Board of Directors, General and Supervisory Board and the Statutory Auditor. 

The separation of management and supervision roles is embodied in an Executive Board of Directors, which is responsible for the management of the company’s business, and a General and Supervisory Board, the highest supervisory body. 

The division of competences, inherent to such model, between the Executive Board of Directors and the General and Supervisory Board, has assured an effective management of the company, benefitted by a constant and attentive supervision. Considering this structure, we can say that the dual model of corporate governance in place at EDP for 12 years has allowed for an effective separation of the company’s supervision and management in pursuit of the goals and interests of EDP and its shareholders, employees and other stakeholders, thereby contributing to achieving the degree of trust and transparency necessary for its adequate functioning and optimisation.

Furthermore, this model has proved appropriate to the company's shareholder structure as it allows supervision by key shareholders on the General and Supervisory Board.