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The purpose of the SunLab project is to characterize the impact of different locations on energy production of photovoltaic panels.

For this purpose, several test labs have been created, in which photovoltaic panels using different technologies have been installed, in order to characterize the behavior of each technology when exposed to the conditions of different geographical locations. The labs were created in Portugal, in the cities of Viana do Castelo, Seia, Santarém, and Faro.

SunLab was born from a project of EDP Inovação and EDP Labelec in 2011. It is a photovoltaic lab that supports EDP's business units in the solar market, increasing profitability to EDP and its customers.

The Sunlab platform tests the performance of photovoltaic modules by using 6 different technologies in four different climatic conditions and varying positions, in order to determine the relationship between energy production and these variables, and to develop decision support tools, adapting the best technologies to each location and position.

Did you know that...

Photovoltaic technology directly converts sun radiation into electricity, through solar cells. The most commonly used material in the production of solar cells is crystalline silicon.