We choose earth

With an eye on the energy transition

We produce energy, but we also transport, manage, distribute, and market it. And we are totally focused on innovative ways to do it.

100% green by 2030

In 45 years, EDP has become a leading multinational in the energy transition to renewables, present in the five continents. But at the heart of it all remains electricity, which moves people, businesses, and the planet. An increasingly greener planet, where EDP anticipates the transformations necessary for sustainability.

We want to do more, we want to do it better, we want to do it now. Therefore, we will be 100% green by 2030.


distribution networks
conventional generation
transmissions networks

Our capacity in 2021

26,3 GW
Our installed production capacity: 7M homes
381t km
Our distribution lines run almost the distance from Earth to the Moon
9,3 million
customers (electricity and gas), the equivalent to the population of London
markets around the world

About us

United by change

At EDP we have more than 12 thousand employees, of numerous nationalities, working around the world with a commitment to the planet and to people.

renováveis edp

For a better tomorrow

At EDP we are committed to change.

 How we produce energy at EDP
 How we produce energy at EDP — mobile

We will continue to focus on the sun, wind, and water, but also on the complementarity between the various sources, energy storage, innovation, and the decarbonisation of our customers' consumption.

By 2025

investment in energy transition
investment in innovation
new installed capacity for renewable production
we will be 100% Coal Free

The world population continues to grow, needing more energy. At EDP, we work every day so that the energy transition happens in an increasingly faster and more beneficial way, for a constant improvement in the quality of life of the current and future generations.