EDP Ambassadors

If you're currently studying and want to develop an extracurricular activity while you're studying, this is the right opportunity for you. 

About the program

The EDP Ambassador is a win-win relationship between EDP and university students, who want to develop an extracurricular activity, during an academic year, which allows them to deepen their knowledge of the labor market, while promoting their development.

The role of an EDP Ambassador:

The main role of an EDP Ambassador is helping young students and academic communities to understand who we are and what we do.

You will publicise our opportunities, events and initiatives to your colleagues, identify new ways of approaching and making a difference together with young people, their universities and their development, and expand our face-to-face and digital reach.


What do we have for you?

  • Be a part of the EDP's future
  • Gain a first professional experience while studying
  • Enrich your CV and LinkedIn profile
  • Increase your network
  • Develop useful skills for your professional future

The EDP Ambassador...

  • Is a university student
  • Has a collaborative spirit coupled with continuous learning
  • Has a focus on results
  • It is typically proactive, enthusiastic and energetic
  • Is willing to impact our business and the academic world

Being an EDP Ambassador was an excellent experience that gave me different learning opportunities in a professional context. I felt great appreciation from the company, and I was able to grow with lots of activities, from pitches with EDP employees to competitions. It is one of the best opportunities for networking, whether with the other ambassadors, students from your university, with employees and with the HR team, always present, at all times. A connection between companies and students is needed, and the EDP Ambassador program is the perfect example!

João Motrena, ISEG (2021)

Do you want to know more about EDP and don't know how to?

These are our EDP Ambassadors of 2021/22

  • Alessandro Silva
    Alessandro Silva
  • Andrea Sun
    Andrea Sun
  • Bárbara Ribeiro
    Bárbara Ribeiro
  • Beatriz Gameiro
    Beatriz Gameiro
  • Catarina Moreira
    Catarina Moreira
  • Francisco Monteiro
    Francisco Monteiro
  • Inês Jin
    Inês Jin
  • Isabel Fonseca
    Isabel Fonseca
  • Nanci Ribeiro
    Nanci Ribeiro
  • Rita Silva
    Rita Silva
    Católica Lisbon SBE
  • Rita Sobral
    Rita Sobral
  • Rute Faustino
    Rute Faustino
  • Sebastião Dias
    Sebastião Dias
  • Telma Moreira
    Telma Moreira
More things you need to know:
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Why does EDP have an Ambassador program?

Each edition is a new opportunity to invite young people, who have shown interest in EDP through their participation in our initiatives, to cooperate with the Group and participate in a program that seeks a win-win relationship between EDP and university students.

To achieve all of our goals, we intend to attract young people through the various opportunities we create. Through EDP Ambassador, we will develop an extracurricular activity, during an academic year, which allows university students to deepen their knowledge of the labor market and foster their development, while helping EDP to find new solutions to get even closer, academic world.

Who is the EDP Ambassador?

EDP Ambassador is a young university student, who has already participated in one or more initiatives where EDP was present, and has shown an interest in creating a greater personal and professional connection with us.

Is EDP looking for any specific profile for this program?

We look for more than technical skills and academic knowledge. We look for people who want to put their ambition and knowledge at stake. If you would like to participate in an extracurricular activity, keep an eye on our initiatives and you can be an upcoming EDP Ambassador.

How long does an EDP Ambassador edition last?

The EDP Ambassador lasts one academic year.

Can I contact my college's EDP Ambassador to find out more about EDP?

Yes, that is the main goal of this program. EDP Ambassadors know EDP and know how to answer your questions. If you are interested in any of EDP's Talent Programs or initiatives, you should contact them.