EDP Digital Open Days

November 2nd, 3rd and 4th

Times have changed and with the world in lockdown, EDP saw a window of opportunity. 

That was how EDP Digital open Days were born. 

A 3 day event, divided by 3 digital sessions held by 3 different companies, designed by EDP to introduce you to the projects and energy challenges that present themselves globally.  

Be part of this initiative, learn more about EDP, our projects and our programs for young people, and discover the right challenge for you.

edp digital open sessions 2021

Discover the program of each session:

Session 1 | November 2nd - 5 pm GMT +1 | Teams - Office 365

● 1 hour session, held in english

Speaker: John Stretton and Justin Clark, EDP Renewables
Theme: Digitalization at EDP Renewables 

Abstract: This session will include an overview of business process management and automation technologies and our philosophy for using those technologies.

Sign up by 5pm the day before each session.

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Session 2 | November 3rd - 5 pm GMT +1 | Teams - Office 365

● 1 hour session, held in english

Speaker: Paulo Pinto and Diogo Cordeiro, EDP Produção 
Theme: EDP Produção - 10 years of change & 10 years to change

Abstract: The power generation landscape has changed drastically over the last decade, whether for technological or economic reasons.
In this session, you will meet our Innovation and Technology team and find out how everything has changed in the last decade and how we intend to change to be 100% green in 2030.

Sign up by 5pm the day before the session.

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Session 3 | November 4th - 5 pm GMT +1 | Teams - Office 365

● 1 hour session, held in english

Speakers: Tiago Lourenço and Serena Langiano, NEW R&D
Theme: Floating Offshore Wind

Abstract: In this session you will learn a little more about Floating Offshore Wind: we will address the different technological concepts, the emergence of this market and a highlight of the NEW R&D projects in this disruptive sector.

Sign up by 5pm the day before the session.

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Important note: although sessions are held in english, you can use the translation tool available in the Microsoft Teams to follow the sessions.