10 years of EDP University

Established ten years ago, EDP University was the first corporate university in Portugal.

It was created with the goal of sharing internally generated knowledge in order to develop employee skills and ensure the sustainability of the Group's activities.

Moreover, the university fosters a sense of unity within the Group by providing employees with the tools they need to know a little more about all business areas, through initiatives such as integration classes.


This corporate project has grown over the years and expanded to various areas.

Currently, the University has two Cross Schools, one about EDP's business and strategy and the other on developing Management and Leadership skills of the current and future group leaders. In addition to these Schools, it also has five Functional Schools on the business, such as Production, Distribution, Renewables, Commercialization and Energy Management.

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Leadership Class by António Mexia

To celebrate this anniversary, António Mexia, CEO of the EDP Group, gave a class to employees about leadership.

See in the video below some moments of this session:

Sharing knowledge is in our DNA

For this corporate teaching project we always try to have our own employees as trainers and invite them to share their knowledge. 

"Knowledge sharing within the EDP Group is part of the employees' DNA. I am very proud to have followed this path from the beginning and privileged to follow the growth of the University."

Verónica Pinto

Chief Learning Officer

EDP University

"It is increasingly important to think about new teaching formats. This is being done by EDP University, and I believe it's doing it very well."

Pedro Neves Ferreira

Director de la escuela de producción

Junta directiva de producción de EDP

"At my desk, my colleagues would translate 'engineer lingo' into Portuguese so that I could understand what they were saying. Throughout these ten years, I was both a student and a trainer."

Rita Mota

Graduado y Profesor

Dirección de Estudios y Competencia

"The University is a fantastic place for people to talk and exchange ideas. This has greatly contributed to the development of EDP's corporate culture, and for people to know what the whole Group does."

Jorge Cruz Morais

Director general

Universidad EDP