Sustainability is an integral part of procurement at EDP and we seek partners who are aligned with us in this mission.

Carlos Mota Pinto, Director of the Global Procurement Unit


We Choose Earth with our Partners

This is a call for action. The EDP Group is committed to achieving carbon neutrality in its operations, the innovative reuse of waste, enhancing biodiversity, promoting gender equality, reducing workplace accidents, ensuring full respect for human rights, and being internationally recognised for its ethical performance. At the same time, the EDP Group wants to grow its business, entering new countries and markets while ensuring innovation and competitiveness, efficiency and operational quality.

EDP is committed to creating a better future, and procurement is one of the pillars for achieving this goal. With our vast network of partners, we believe we can create points of change in the supply chain. EDP expects all partner companies to make a positive contribution to the success of the United Nations agenda.

We are playing our part. We Choose Earth.

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Speak Up Channel
Use this channel to report conducts that do not comply with ethical principles, legislative provisions or internal standards.
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EDPartners Networks Meeting 2024
An important event for EDP Group network companies and their suppliers.
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EDPartners Workshop 2023
The event dedicated to EDP's supplier registration and ESG roadmap.
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EDPartners TIC 2023
Discover the insights and ideas shared at the EDPartners TIC 2023 event held on March 7th by watching the recording now!
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Sustainable Supply Chain Report
Download the 2022 EDP Group Sustainable Supply Chain Report
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Well-being first
Visit our page on we put well-being first
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Close the Loop Program
Circular economy supported by building structured partnerships with various stakeholders

EDPartners is the EDP Group's main Supplier Relationship Management programme that combines strategic initiatives with our suppliers’ daily procurement interactions. Through this programme, EDP will involve EDPartners in achieving our collective goals, strengthening relationships by sharing best practices, joint project development, and process alignment.

EDPartners initiatives

In an effort to support companies that are part of EDP Brazil’s supply chain and want to improve their supply chain management, during the last two years, in partnership with the Sustainability department, we have carried out training focused on improving the Health and Safety and Quality and the Environment management systems and provided training to help suppliers align with ESG guidelines, such as diversity and inclusion. A total of 694 students from 105 companies have already completed online training in the 22 available courses.

Dominic Schmal
Through the Partner Academy initiative, we seek to develop EDP Brazil's critical and non-critical suppliers as well as their respective sub-suppliers. To reach more partners and to maintain training during the COVID-19 crisis period, in 2020 we started using online technologies for partner training and development. The most popular courses were in the virtual live classroom model, providing training in improving environmental management, health, safety, quality and social responsibility. In 2020, we managed to increase training participation by 300% compared to the previous year, demonstrating the initiative’s success.Dominic SchmalSustainability Executive Manager - EDP Brazil

It consists of audits carried out at the supplier's facilities or remotely, preferably with its prior knowledge, allowing, according to the result obtained, to establish a corrective and improvement action plan for each supplier, enabling the EDP Group to guarantee the commitment of its entire supply chain to Corporate Sustainability issues.

Tiago Miguel Dias
​Through the ESG Assessments, EDP demonstrates its commitment to the creation of a stable and sustainable supply chain, assuming itself as an integral part of the supplier's development, focused on commitment, empowerment and increased competitiveness and not merely in audit activities oriented towards compliance. It is, without a doubt, a moment of experience sharing, proximity and value creation for all those involved.Tiago Miguel DiasSupply Chain Sustainability Analyst - Global Procurement Unit

EDPartners Talks are a set of listening sessions organized by EDP with a selection of its suppliers, where it aims to address joint relationship topics to gain a deeper understanding of the suppliers' perspectives on the EDP Group and identify opportunities to improve the relationship.

Ana Mafalda Cardoso
The feedback from our partners is extremely valued and that is why we created the initiative – EDPartners Talks – whose main objective is to foster closer ties with our strategic partners and identify opportunities to improve EDP's performance in different areas. With the feedback we receive in these moments of consultation, our ambition is to implement action plans that aim to contribute to improving your experience and business results for both parties. This forum has been described by our partners as an extremely innovative and worthwhile initiative, having been appreciated as an example of transparency and trust.Ana Mafalda CardosoSupplier Management and Sustainability

EDPartners journey

Discover the 5 steps to become an EDPartner

1. Registration

Registration is the first step towards becoming an EDP supplier. The EDP Group’s Corporate Supplier Registration System, developed and managed by GoSupply Services, acts as a support for researching and selecting suppliers by providing detailed, validated and up-to-date information from credible sources in order to ensure supplier qualification according to risk, quality, and sustainability criteria. All administrative charges involved are covered in full by EDP during the registration process.

Register here
2. Qualification

Qualifying suppliers is the process by which EDP defines a list of suppliers that are qualified to provide a particular category of materials or services. To achieve this objective, EDP has established a Supplier Qualification System (SQS) that is based on objectivity and transparency criteria (technical, environmental, financial, etc.). Interested suppliers should submit applications to be included in the EDP Group's list of qualified suppliers. Only qualified suppliers will be considered for negotiation processes in those categories for which EDP has established SQSs. Please note that the qualification process only applies to certain purchase categories. Only suppliers providing materials or services for which there is a qualification requirement must go through the qualification process.

See here the established SQSs
3. Negotiation

Negotiation and procurement rigour and transparency are essential for any company. In the EDP Group, the negotiation process is carried out digitally in all territories using solutions that enable the management of all processes in a secure and transparent way for our stakeholders. To this end, two tools are used to support the negotiation and contract process.

SAP Ariba

SAP Ariba - Supply Integration for Energy is a corporate-wide web platform designed and customised for the EDP Group's purchasing team in order to streamline the relationship between the purchasing areas in their various territories and the market in a simple and secure way.

Access the platform

Locally in Portugal, the regulated part of EDP's activity is framed by the requirements defined for Special Sectors in the Public Procurement Code, in accordance with Portuguese law. To meet all legal requirements, EDP uses a certified platform to carry out this type of contracting, thereby also dematerialising the regulated procurement process.

Access the platform
4. ESG Assessment

The aim of this program is to evaluate the ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) component that seeks to identify, together with our partners, alignment with EDP's strategic vision and also identify best practices in the industry, covering topics from Quality Management to Corporate Social Responsibility. The evaluation process has a three-year cycle and was built with a focus on sustainability and in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Learn about EDP’s ESG assessment model
5. Performance Evaluation

The aim of this process is to help partner suppliers identify areas for improvement in order to achieve operational excellence. The EDP Group’s assessment model is based on four criteria: 1. Execution; 2. Prevention and Safety; 3. Environmental Management; 4. Ethics, Human and Labour Rights. Criteria 1 & 4 apply to all contracts, while criteria 2 & 3 apply only to specific contracts.

Learn about the EDP Group’s assessment model

EDPartners Portal

To improve our suppliers’ experience and help them manage their relationship with EDP much more easily, EDP Global Solutions has launched a new Supplier Portal.

The EDPartners Portal allows suppliers to access the registration, accreditation, invoicing and payment data for goods and services rendered, and the negotiation processes, among others.

Access the EDPartners portal

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Suppliers’ documents

You can find useful documents here, such as General Purchasing Conditions, Ethics Code, Code of Conduct, and Suppliers’ Privacy Policy.

Contact us

You can connect with us through the supplier form, whether you are looking to submit your queries about working with EDP or to address issues such as invoicing or to update details.

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