Energy management is critical for a 100% green utilities sector. At EDP we bet on efficiency in order to decarbonize.

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Energy Management at EDP


  • Dispatch optimization
  • Maximizing the value of pumping from thermal production and energy storage
  • Implementation of hedging strategies


  • Negotiation of electricity generation through corporate CAEs
  • Integrated management of energy market volatility for portfolio optimization and risk minimization
  • Availability of auxiliary services

We manage risk carefully, in Portugal, Spain and Brazil, but also in other countries from our portfolio.

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Let's make the most of flexibility

To be flexible opens the door to more competitive solutions and better results for our business and our clients.


Hydrogen and storage

H2BU is our new business unit. Created on 2021, this unit is all about hydrogen. Also on 2021, we developed the storage unit, through EDP Renewables USA.

We need to manage in an efficient way our assets for a full energy transition.

We need to manage in an efficient way our assets. Only this will make possible a full energy transition.

Other EDP areas
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EDP is Portugal's main investor in energy sector.
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Client solutions
We are the biggest producer, distributor and supplier of electricity in the country.
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Renewable Energy
A greener, fairer and safer world. This is what drives us to fight climate change.