Why work at EDP

Do you think your energy combines with ours?

Apply now and come work with us!

Right now, at EDP, we are undergoing a period of deep transformation that will open a world of possibilities, led by what we call “the 3D challenges”:

Decarbonization: how do we generate cleaner energy and contribute to the electrification of economy

Digitalization: how do we go from an industrial to a digital utility?

Decentralization: what new services can we create to the end-customer that is now the center of the business

Who are we looking for?

People with initiative that deliver results with excellence, anticipate change in a global and multicultural environment and are driven by sustainability and innovation.

What can candidates expect?

  • The possibility to contribute everyday to a worldwide renewable energy leader that reinvests in society through sustainable projects and social/cultural causes.
  • The opportunity to actively participate in our transformation into a digital utiliy that fosters innovation and co-creation.
  • The chance to be part of a new generation of a more diverse and agile workforce with new ways of working that will strengthen our future results


Does your energy matches ours?

Apply now and come work with us!


How we take care of our people


Diversity and inclusion

To add differences is to go further. We aim to attract, develop and retain different sources of talent, taking diversity as a driver of organizational innovation.


Personal and professional development at EDP begins with our employees' integration. We have a reception and integration program and a development and training program to foster the evolution of our staff.

Reception and Integration

At EDP you can count on a program of activities that convey the company's values and culture, impart industry-specific knowledge, and create networking events so that every staff member can feel at home and give their best from day one.


Every employee has the opportunity to share experiences with some of the finest energy industry specialists, many of whom with extensive experience in designing the industry's future on a daily basis.

EDP University

We have an innovative in-house training solution which has been calling the shots in corporate level training. We present you the EDP University, created to develop our employee's skills and promote the sharing of knowledge within our Group.

With a special focus on the energy industry, the EDP University has two cross-sectional schools (Managerial School and EDP School) and five functional schools specializing in the various areas of our value chain (Production, Distribution, Gas, Renewable and Commercial).

"We know that happy people perform better."

We value initiative, merit, commitment and the achievement of goals. One of our priorities is to reward this individual and collective dynamism.

We believe that our recognition and reward practices play a key role in attracting and retaining the best talent. We strive to build a working environment that motivates the best professionals to be enthusiastic and productive in their work.

The Group's success depends on its team. We want to recognize the efforts of our employees with a remuneration policy aligned with the best market practices as well as with a full range of complementary and flexible benefits to meet the needs of a modern team.

Being EDP means valuing the growth provided by the interaction between different generations, genders, cultures and nationalities. It means liking new challenges and experiences, and learning and growing through teamwork.


The EDP Group has expanded worldwide over the past few years, and there are now 30 different nationalities within our ranks. We are also moving towards gender equality. Although we operate in a traditionally male industry, we have been gradually increasing the presence of women within our Group. 

Working at EDP means working in an international and multicultural context. It means working for a company that ensures social diversity and representation in the different communities where it operates, a place where disability is not an obstacle to professional success and equality.


We offer our employees all they need for their professional evolution and development. In an international group like EDP it's easy to find space to develop new skills and enjoy new experiences, providing personal and professional accomplishment on a global scale.

At the EDP Group employees can join different kinds of mobility programs, depending on the company's needs and projects and on the employees' expectations. 

Citizenship and Volunteer Work

Employees are citizens before anything else, and they can play a vital role in the building of civil society as a catalyst for change and for the mobilization of collective behavior. Volunteer Work is a way of opening EDP to society. 

With the EDP Volunteer Program, all employees have an hour bank they can use to engage in volunteering initiatives.