innovation at EDP

We live in the age of innovation in the energy sector. Renewable power has been growing significantly over the last decade and EDP has been a leader of this clean energy revolution.

The integration of IT and communication technologies with the secular distribution grid has been key to allow the growing penetration of renewable power and to maximize the possibilities of energy efficiency. Solar generation at households, combined with static storage, and integrated management of the loads of electrical devices is the future of energy retail. Peer-to-peer trading will follow. Electric cars are growing explosively and will be the reference in mobility re-shaping the relationship between energy customers and utilities. 

A brand-new energy world emerges, where service, comfort, mobility, sustainability and economy will be powered by a multitech approach supported in emerging IoT, machine learning and big data technologies.

We love energy!

How we innovate?

Startup Engagement

EDP Starter

A community of startups, selected among the best that were chosen for the EDP Starter Acceleration Programs, hackathons & challenges, conferences and summits that are working/piloting for the EDP Group. EDP Starter offers a 1-to-3 year contract, offering startups more than 300K Eur in benefits such as co-working space, access to partners and service providers, pocket money, pilot financing, mentors, among others. The EDP Starter teams are located in Portugal, Spain and Brazil. Facts:
> 4000 Applications;
45 Startups;
42 Pilots.

R&D center in the energy sector

New R&D

This initiative from EDP and CTG has as its main mission the Research and Development, mutual technical assistance and joint participation in international projects in the energy sector.


EDP's Venture Capital Instrument

EDP Ventures

EDP Ventures is the venture capital arm of the EDP Group, focused on investments in early-stage startups that develop solutions/business models applicable to the field of energy. EDP Ventures aims to promote and open innovation strategy in the EDP group.


Scale Up Program

Free Electrons

The Free Electrons program is an annual 6-month global accelerator program that joins the world’s leading smart energy startups with nine of the most innovative utilities from around the world. The objective is to match the offers of the startups with the needs of the utilities in a technology adoption acceleration program. While the winner of each yearly cohort is awarded a $200.000 cash prize, pilots, proofs of concept, commercial contracts and venture capital investments are the key benefits that participants are exposed to. The first year of Free Electrons occurred in 2017 and since then nearly 1000 startups from 65 countries have answered annual calls. Although most of the work occurs offline, the program is built around 3 work modules where all parties meet face-to-face to stream line deals. Modules are selected on a rotating basis from three different regions in the Americas, EMEA and Austral-Asia.

trabalhar na edp

Center of technical excellence


Labelec holds 7 accredited laboratories and provides specialized services, energy consulting and network studies focused on the electric energy value chain. It also supports the maintenance of electrical installations in the industrial sector. There are too a Fablab EDP that support the construction of the first prototypes in an easy, fast and cheap way.


data base

Open Data Project

At EDP, we believe that data is the oil of the digital era and sharing it will create new and better knowledge. We want to unleash the value of the data we have at our fingertips. Join us in this eager journey to progress towards a cleaner and more sustainable future.

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