A greener, fairer and safer world. This is what drives us to fight climate change. We embrace this challenge and we will fulfill it. We make green energy.

We will be 100% green by 2030

We will be carbon neutral. These challenges have guided us on our investments in renewables. And the cost reductions related to wind and solar energy put these sources on a competitive level.



Total capacity of renewable installed in 2020


Of CO2 emissions in 2020 vs 2019


Coal by 2025

The 3 renewable sources of EDP

Wind energy

wind energy

Solar energy

solar energy

Hydro energy


We will lead energy transition. We have a strong portfolio of renewable assets and we are slowing down. We'll keep investing in wind, sun and water.

what we do
what we do

For the planet

And for those who inhabit it. We believe that sustainability is taking care of both planet and people. These are our goals.

Sustainable Development Goals

Building the future

Changing the world is a task that can't be put on hold any longer. The United Nations have clearly defined 17 Sustainable Development Goals, that go from Circular Economy to Diversity and Inclusion. We said yes to this call and have committed to more than half of the 17 SDG.

We are building the future for a better planet

Hydrogen in support of decarbonization

Changing Tomorrow Now is, first of all, thinking about tomorrow and creating better solutions. To be carbon neutral is fundamental to invest on flexible and diverse solutions. And we believe that hydrogen has an important role towards this greener tomorrow.