Miguel Stilwell d'Andrade

At EDP, the commitment to ethics and integrity guides our daily actions and is essential for effectively facing our challenges, contributing to strengthening the trust that stakeholders place in us. This commitment is reinforced by continuous support and monitoring of these topics by top management, especially regarding Ethics & Compliance programs, including the program related to general principles of conduct concerning illegal acts, bribery, and corruption. Together we do what is right, building an ethical and sustainable company.

Miguel Stilwell d'Andrade

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At EDP, Ethics and Compliance are fundamental pillars that support the success of our activities.

We promote a culture of sharing and mutual respect, aligned with a strict Ethics and Compliance policy that encourages the highest ethical standards and prevents and combats illicit acts.

This commitment is reflected in the creation of an Ethics and Compliance Department, promoting a culture of ethical behaviour and compliance with the law and regulations in force in all the countries where EDP operates, in line with international best practices.

Code of Ethics

Since 2005, EDP has had a Code of Ethics that sets out the ethical principles and commitments that cut across all the group's activities.

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"EDP has a strong ethical culture, which today is one of its fundamental assets and is decisive for the success of its business. Our ethical values have enabled us to set the highest standards of performance, with practices of integrity, respect, transparency, fairness and solidarity contributing to the trust of all stakeholders."

João Talone, President of the General Supervisory Board

Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee is the body that independently monitors and enforces EDP's Code of Ethics. It also assesses and deliberates, in accordance with its powers, on matters submitted to it, particularly regarding complaints submitted through the Speak Up channels, and promotes and supports the development and implementation of mechanisms to consolidate the group's principles of business ethics.

Its operation is governed by regulations which can be consulted here.

The Ethics Committee is made up of two independent members of the General Supervisory Board, with the respective Chairperson simultaneously being the Chairperson of the Ethics Committee, and members with certain specific functions, namely Human Resources, Compliance and Legal.

Code of Conduct for Senior Management and Senior Financial Officers

The EDP group has a global presence and is managed worldwide by people from different generations, cultures, and behaviour patterns. This diversity is valued and promoted as a factor of wealth. This code aims to promote harmony and explain, internally and externally, the conduct matrix in force. It does not replace EDP's Code of Ethics, but reinforces and complements it.

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2024 Ethisphere Award

For the 13th consecutive year, EDP has once again been recognised by the Ethisphere Institute as one of the world's most ethical companies, which acknowledges the way it has acted in all the markets in which it operates, achieving an above average score. Once again, it is the only Portuguese company to occupy a place on the list, which this year is made up of 136 companies from 20 countries and 44 sectors of activity, including a group of eight companies from the Energy & Utilities sector in the World's Most Ethical Companies 2024.

Speak Up
Conduct and behaviour that breaches ethical principles, legal provisions or internal regulations should be reported through the channels set up for this purpose. Speak to us.

Compliance Management System

EDP group's Compliance Management System, approved by the Executive Board of Directors and the Committee for Financial Matters /Audit Committee, includes an internal control system based on the "3 lines of defence", in order to identify and adequately manage the risks arising from the activity.

Within the scope of this system, the Compliance function is part of the 2nd line of defence, with its mission being to promote a culture of compliance and integrity by identifying relevant compliance risks and disseminating and coordinating the implementation of mechanisms that promote compliance.

To demonstrate the group's commitment to ethical principles and legal and regulatory compliance, the group has adopted an Ethics and Compliance KPI incorporated into the performance appraisal system for all employees, which is reflected in short-term incentives (variable remuneration).

Prevention, detection and response to non-compliance situations

The Compliance Management System enables the harmonisation of Compliance management guidelines and methodologies across the organisation and different regulatory areas, promoting alignment with other internal policies and procedures - namely with the EDP group's Integrity Policy and Code of Ethics.

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