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Operating in 29 markets and 3 continents, we are a global energy company engaged in electricity and gas production, transport, distribution and trading. We have more than 12,000 employees and over 12 million customers, we are at the forefront of innovation and renewable energies, and we have recently committed to even more ambitious clean energy targets.

We make the energy of tomorrow - today.


We want to create value in the various areas in which we operate.

We aim to improve the quality of life of current and future generations.

We build genuine and trusting relationships with our employees, customers, partners, and local communities.


In February 2021 the Group announced its new Strategic Plan for 2021-2025 with the main goals and targets ir order to be 100% green by 2030.

An energy transition strategy based on three pillars: decarbonization, digitalization and decentralization.

  • €24 billion investment by 2025
  • 100% production from renewable sources
  • 100% carbon neutral by 2030
  • 100% free of coal production in 2025
  • 2 times more solar and wind capacity


Delivering on our commitments to shareholders; leading through the ability to anticipate and execute; demanding excellence.

Taking on environmental responsibilities; contributing to developing the regions where we operate;
Reducing gas emissions; actively championing energy efficiency

Staying focused on customers; making sure we listen to their concerns; responding simply and transparently; surprising them and anticipating their needs.

Combining an ethical and rigorous conduct with enthusiasm and initiative; encouraging teamwork; investing in competence and merit;
Promoting a balance between professional and personal life.




With management teams spread over several countries, EDP is headed by an Executive Board of Directors consisting of 5 members:


  • Our global team comprises over 12,000 workers 
  • Number of nationalities of EDP workers: 41
  • Percentage of women working in the group: 25%

The energy produced by EDP reaches the four corners of the world. 

We are a vertically integrated multinational utility. Throughout our 40-year history we have built a relevant presence in the global energy landscape. Find out where we are and what we do in each business area.

Origin of our energy

85% from renewable sources

  • 49% Wind
  • 36% Hydric
  • 8% Coal
  • 5% CCGT
  • 2% other

What we do


  • Total installed capacity 23,6 GW
  • Electricity production 64,3 TWh 


  • Overall network length 375.007 km [Portugal, Spain, and Brazil]

Portfolio of clientes

  • electricity customers 8,6 M
  • gas customers 691 k


  • Customers 18,747
  • Electric charging points 1,811

The EDP group's financial results reflect the effort and investment made in its various business areas and regions.

These activities are detailed in our quarterly, half-yearly and annual reports.

  • Turnover €M12,5 (-13%)
  • Net result €M801 (+56%)
  • EBITDA 3.657M€ (-2%)
  • Operating investment M€2,9 (+29%)
  • Investment in renewables 73%

See the 2021 Annual Report and Accounts for all figures.


We implement solutions and practices that help protect the environment and build a more sustainable future.

At the same time, we also seek to break cycles of social exclusion and contribute to a society that is more effective and efficient in building its own sustainability. These efforts have earned our group prominent positions in major global sustainability indexes, such as the Dow Jones Sustainability Index.

  • A leading company in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index with 88 points (2 points less than in 2019 and 45 more than the average in the electricity industry) in the ESG dimensions – it is the 2nd best among -
  • -33% specific CO2 emissions in 2020
  • 4TWh saved saved in efficient energy services (+17%)
  • 37% of our customers use electronic invoices (+8 pp)

To learn more about our Sustainability strategy, please see our Sustainability reports and publications.


EDP is a universe that goes well beyond its business activities and seeks to bring energy to various communities and activities. Besides being engaged in promoting culture and sports, the company supports organizations and grassroots campaigns that aim at the well-being of all and at a better, more sustainable world.

  • €21 million were invested in volunteering
  • 1,051 organizations have benefited from EDP's support
  • 19% of the workers were involved in the company's charity initiatives last year, offering more than 14,000 hours to these campaigns