A workshop on the "Energy Districts" (DEPs) program, set up by JPI Urban Europe, took place on 3 April in Vienna.

The Positive Energy Districts (PEDs) Programme workshop was held by its promotor – JPI Urban Europe – on April the 3rd in Vienna, Austria, gathering representatives from cities, R&D centres, funding agencies and other stakeholders for whom the major goal of this programme – to assist in the implementation of 100 PEDs in urban neighbourhoods across Europe by 2025 – is significantly relevant for its activity.

The pivotal intent of the workshop was to pave the way for further EU-wide cooperation by discussing PED framework and cities’ strategies and needs, exchanging experiences of projects connected to this theme and listing the requirements of the cities to be engaged in this programme.

From a universe of 74 participants from 19 different countries, EDP NEW R&D has stood out as the only research centre that is part of an integrated utility, providing the working groups that were formed throughout the workshop with the vision, barriers and recommendations to enable the set up of positive energy districts, from the energy sector value chain perspective.

Stemming from this session, designed by JPI Urban Europe, the participants’ work has resulted in the definition of key action areas and most urgent barriers to circumvent in order to carve the cities’ transition to an environmental and economic sustainable future for its citizens.