Powering sustainable lives

The world needs change. For that to happen, each of us has to change some habits first. Having a more sustainable planet takes teamwork, and we all have to be agents of change. Only together can we make a difference.


17 Sustainable Development Goals

In 2015, the United Nations defined 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). EDP has set concrete targets for more than half of these SDGs and aims to achieve them by 2030.

30% of employees to be female by 2025At EDP, we view gender equality as fundamental to any society without prejudice. Accordingly, we value the skills of all our employees, regardless of gender. Through equal opportunities, we are committed to increasing the number of female employees in the company.

100% of production renewable in 2030Sustainable development will be achieved by using renewable energy and respecting energy-saving principles – two key concepts in the EDP universe. Accordingly, by 2025, we want 85% of our energy production and installed power to be renewable.

A target for every year: 0 accidentsEvery company is committed to performing its activities with the target of "zero accidents", always and in any situation, through continuous improvement in safety management and performance, with specific targets set for progress.

100% of consumers with smart meters by 2025At EDP, we view innovation as fundamental for a more sustainable future, hence our investment in smart meters. These contribute to electric mobility, enabling more efficient management of consumption, photovoltaic panels and charging of electric vehicles. With this in mind, we aim to achieve 100% smart meters installed in the Iberian Peninsula by 2025.

180,000 customers with electric mobility services by 2025In the cities of the future, urban mobility will be electric mobility. EDP's contribution is, therefore, essential. By 2025, we want to increase the number of customers with electric mobility services and we are committed to 100% of EDP Group companies adopting Climate Change Adaptation Plans.

100% of single-use plastics eliminated by 2022100% of industrial plastic waste is recovered. However, further improvements are to be implemented at the level of the urban waste used in the group. EDP has committed to eliminating 100% of single-use plastics in 2022. To ensure this target is achieved, EDP is focussed on reducing consumption, seeking alternatives (prioritising reusable solutions), reinforcing selective collection and raising awareness further among employees.

Carbon neutral by 2030The pace of climate change is worrying. EDP is determined to contribute to reversing this direction. We also encourage society to mobilise to combat climate change, through volunteering or awareness raising activities.

Guaranteeing biodiversity gains in new projectsWe fight side by side for the Planet: to protect ecosystems and for the future of all species. EDP's commitment is reflected in one target in particular: to guarantee biodiversity gains in new electricity production infrastructure construction projects. In line with the Biodiversity Net Gain concept, our daily work includes the aim to create even better conditions for the maintenance and survival of species

EUR 300 million investment in projects with social impact by 2030Today, one in six people live without access to electricity. EDP, through EDP Renewables - A2E (Access to Energy), aims to contribute to the growth of the renewable energy sector in developing countries, where sustainable energy can have a positive impact on families and communities.


It's Now or Never

We are dedicated to sustainability, social responsibility, and environmental stewardship. To this end, we have identified 9 themes aligned with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals and explored them in depth through insightful conversations with renowned experts on the 'It's Now or Never' podcast.