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EDP is committed to the transition to a more environmentally friendly economy in line with the Paris Agreement and EU obligations to put in place long-term low emissions strategies by 2020 and to reduce its emissions 40% by 2030. EDP is addressing decarbonization challenge from the generation side through some low-C technologies such as renewables.

EDP believes green finance and green bonds in particular are an important tool to encourage the transition to a low-carbon economy, giving financial backing to existing projects or new ones aimed at bringing about this transition.

You can find below detailed information on the EDP's Green Funding Strategy.

Prospectus (€750m due 2 August 2081)
Paying Agency Agreement (€750m due 2 August 2081)
Interbolsa Instrument (€750m due 2 August 2081)
Trust Deed (US$850M due 24 Jan 2028)
Paying Agency Agreement (US$850M due 24 Jan 2028)
Final Terms US$850M due 24 Jan 2028
Purchase Agreement (US$850M due 24 Jan 2028)
Final Terms €750m due 15 April 2027

Click here for the Report on the allocation and impact of Green Bonds (p.260) and for the Auditor’s Report on Green Bonds (p.262).