EDP´s contribution to combating climate change is realised through its Climate Action approach, embodied in its Climate Transition Plan . This ambition is supported by the reduction of EDP’s thermal generation in recent years and an increasing electricity generation from renewable sources.

Downstream, EDP offers its customers low carbon energy solutions and promotes technological innovation to accelerate the climate transition, contributing to the electrification of consumption and energy efficiency improvement and to overcome the main barriers still existent along this challenge path.

The new business plan 2023-2026 provides the level of investment and strategic decisions built upon the path EDP already started and cementing its Net-Zero decarbonization path. This approach is the responsibility of corporate governance, which assumes a strategic role in the appropriate management of climate responsibilities and action plans, where it includes the identification, analysis and management of climate-related risks and opportunities (more details in the Climate Transition Plan).

You can find below detailed information on the EDP's Green Funding Strategy. Allocation and impact reporting of green proceeds can be found in EDP’s Annual Integrated Report.