The Executive Board of Directors is the body responsible for managing the company's activities, under the terms set out in the Commercial Companies Code and in the articles of association, being appointed by the shareholders at the General Meeting.

The Executive Board of Directors meets ordinarily at least twice a month, and extraordinarily whenever called by the respective Chairman, by any two other Directors, or at the request of the General and Supervisory Board.

Its functioning is governed by internal regulations. The current mandate lasts for 3 years.

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The Executive Board of Directors is responsible for defining the EDP Group's organizational model and for the division of functions between the different Business Units, the Shared Services companies, and the central structure.

This consists of a Corporate Centre that assumes a structuring function of supporting the Executive Board of Directors within the scope of defining and controlling the execution of defined strategies, policies, and objectives.

The Corporate Centre is organized by Corporate Divisions and Business Units, thus allowing for greater optimization and efficiency of the organizational structure.

The Executive Board of Directors is also supported by specific Committees that allow for more effective monitoring of matters and contribute to the decision-making process.