The company adopts the dual governance model comprising a General Meeting, Executive Board of Directors, General and Supervisory Board, and Statutory Auditor. The division of powers between the Executive Board of Directors and the General and Supervisory Board has ensured effective management of the Company, to which is added the benefit of constant and attentive supervision. The dualist governance model in force in the company since July 2006 has allowed for effective separation of the supervisory and management functions in the pursuit of the objectives and interests of the company, its shareholders, employees, and other stakeholders, thus enabling the achievement of a degree of trust and transparency necessary for its proper functioning and optimization. It should also be noted that this governance model has proved to be adequate to the size and shareholder structure of the company, also allowing for constant supervision by both the reference shareholders and independent members, through their intervention in the General and Supervision Board.

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Company Headquarters Avenida 24 de Julho 12, 1249-300 Lisbon - Portugal
NIPC and CRC Registration Lisbon n.º 500697256

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The EDP representative for market relations is administrator Eng. Rui Teixeira.