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WATT: #5 Future of Energy: Future of the Planet

Watch the fifth episode of the series WATT: a Youtube series that will simplify the world of energy

Welcome to WATT, a series of episodes that will take us on a journey along the universe in expansion of EDP to prove without a doubt that the topic of "energy" does not have to be boring or complicated. Watch it with your own eyes!

#5 Future of Energy: Future of the Planet

You can read the tarot from back to front, look at the bottom of all cups of coffee and light up thousands of crystal balls, that this prediction will not change - electricity is the future of energy. Learn more about the best ways to consume energy so that our favorite planet continues to exist.

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a series of this world that shows you that knowing more about energy can be as easy as drink a glass water. OK, we are exaggerating: like preparing a gin.