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Putting words into action with our own work

A more sustainable planet is not possible without social justice. Therefore, volunteering plays a crucial role in building sustainability and changing tomorrow now. This is a commitment taken on by EDP Group in its various geographies - but this commitment cannot materialize without the involvement of the company's employees, who play a crucial role in our Volunteer Program. We believe that volunteering can make a difference on the planet, contributing to the development and transformation of the communities where we operate, while also involving our employees, their talents and skills to multiply the purpose and meaning of what we do.

That's why we say: We #DareToVolunteer

EDP's volunteers

Stories with Energy

Our employees talk about what it means to be a volunteer.

Wanting to change tomorrow

The first EDP volunteering project was rolled out in 2005, when we co-founded Junior Achievement Portugal - the Portuguese avatar of the Junior Achievement project. Encouraged by the results of these first experiences, we officially created the EDP Volunteer Program in 2010, on the eve of the 'European Year of Volunteering.' Back then it was decided that four working hours a month would be earmarked for volunteer work, and that very same year nine countries held their first Christmas Campaign.

Since then, the number of participants and individual/institutional beneficiaries has been rising steadily. Thanks to volunteer work, we are changing tomorrow now in Portugal, Brazil, Spain and other countries where EDP Renováveis operates.


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+300 000
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