As part of the Conciliar Programme, the EDP Volunteering Policy was defined with the following objectives:

Mandatory Reading

  • Enhancing an attitude of solidarity and mutual help among EDP employees;
  • Promoting a culture of corporate social responsibility and citizenship;
  • Giving back to the communities in which EDP is involved;
  • Being a benchmark "Caring Company";
  • Collaborating to the sustainable development of the countries in which EDP has a presence;
  • Complying with EDP's strategic sustainability values, in order to improve the quality of life of current and future generations.

    To explain the guidelines the govern the commitments underlying the Volunteering Programme, EDP has devised the following Charter of Principles:

  • EDP recognizes the strategic importance of the adoption of a Volunteering Policy to strengthen its corporate culture, in the management of its Human Capital and to deepen the Company's proximity relationships with the Society in which it is established;
  • EDP, in the full exercise of its responsibilities in terms of citizenship and creation of social and economically sustainable value, assumes that its Human Capital is a priority instrument for training Third Sector institutions and considers it just as important as its financial resources that, particularly through its foundations, it invests to make the projects that it supports viable;
  • EDP actively supports its employees in social volunteering and allows them, in particular, to assign a certain number of hours from their monthly schedule to volunteer work in support of causes that might be relevant to the community. As part of this support, the Company promotes a structured programme to encourage volunteering in partner non-profit institutions, of recognised suitability, acting in social and environmental areas, humanitarian services, health and education;
  • The EDP Group Volunteering Programme is developed in order to create opportunities for employees to volunteer, to guarantee suitable individual preparation for this activity, generate the bank of available hours in order to optimize the satisfaction of the needs of partner institutions and measure impacts on beneficiary communities.
  • The Volunteering Programme will include measures enabling the Group's volunteering to include, whenever possible, the involvement of the families of employees, of retired employees, business partners and other Stakeholders, to promote an "EDP Community" concept. 
  • The management of the EDP Volunteering Programme will be supported by a technical platform which will be used to record requests for volunteer work received from accredited partner institutions and to log employees available for volunteering work, the Hours Bank of available volunteer time, the management authorizations for the use, on a case by case basis, of "volunteer hours" granted by the Company. The platform will have functionalities for the evaluation of the volunteering work;
  • EDP undertakes to create the processes required for auditable measurement of the resources used and the impacts achieved through method SR012 of the LBG model in order to make volunteering work carried out eligible for the company's social investment.
This policy was approved by the Executive Board of Directors (EBD) on September 6th 2009.