Miguel Stilwell

Leading the energy transition 

I’m delighted to share EDP’s revised business plan for 2023-2026 – scaling our commitment to the energy transition and accelerating our sustainable growth over the longer term. At the heart of this strategy sits a global investment to boost renewables and reinforce our position in electricity networks, all while supporting our employees, clients, communities, shareholders, and partners in achieving a climate positive world. Our business is well-positioned to deliver on these ambitions, empowering our people to drive a better tomorrow and championing ESG excellence across our global operations.  

Miguel Stilwell d’Andrade, CEO


Net Zero by 2040

We are committed with our planet by leading the decarbonization of the sector, working every day towards Net Zero and by scaling up and diversifying our position as a global pure renewables player.  

Accelerated and sustainable growth 

We are stepping up our green growth delivery, scaling our impact with an investment plan fully aligned with the energy transition and consolidating our core technologies and regions. We are following a clear investment framework, maintaining our selective and disciplined approach. 

Gross investment in 2024-26
Gross additions 2025-26
RAB by 2026
Investment in social impact initiatives in 2026 
TOTEX in digital and Innovation in 2023-26
FFO/Net Debt by 2026 

ESG excellence and future-proof organization 

We are ESG leaders, with an ambition to be coal free by 2025 and to have 100% renewable generation by 2030. We are global, dynamic and diverse organization, embracing the future with fast adopters on innovation and have digital at the core of our strategy. 

Distinctive and resilient portfolio 

We have a solid balance sheet, with an unwavering commitment to our BBB credit rating further solidifying our low risk profile and leveraging our distinctive and resilient portfolio strategy. 

Our projects

The importance of energy transition for the future of the planet

Energy transition

We produce energy, but we also transport, manage, distribute and market it. We will have 100% renewable production by 2030. 
A sustainability strategy for a better future

EDP Sustainability strategy

We are investing in decarbonisation and lead the energy transition, empowering the community and rebuilding our planet in collaboration with our Partners, driven by a solid ESG culture
Solar panels as a form of green energy

Digital Transformation at EDP

The EDP group's digitalisation process is taking over all companies and business units.

The times are changing.

Travel to 2030 with us.











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