What we offer

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Early stage tickets

We invest from 1M€ to 10M€ seed to series B always assuming minority positions

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Network Access

We connect founders to a wide network of co-investors and potential customers in the utility sector

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Knowledge Access

We provide access to our assets, business units & industry experts worldwide

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Worldwide Footprint

We invest worldwide and have investment teams in Lisbon, Madrid & São Paulo with 150M€ of funds under management

Portfolio of companies that contribute for our purpose of leading the energy transition

Team of experts that contribute for our purpose of leading the energy transition

Executive & Investment team

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At what stage do you invest?

As an early stage investor, we typically invest in seed to series B funding rounds (with possibility for future follow-ons in later rounds). While our investment usually happens before the series C, we can make exceptions if we believe the company is a perfect fit and we can continue to add value.

When is the right time to approach you about investing?

Approaches from companies, founders and other investors are always welcome. Being a seed to series B investor, we look for companies with at least a near market ready product.

How many investments do you make?

We make around 5-8 seed to series B investments per year.

Do you have an industry or sector focus?

YES! We invest in a broad range of technologies with a common characteristic, affecting the energy sector, either by improving assets availability or by impacting the life of retail energy clients (please see our investment areas).

Additionally, while most of our portfolio companies have a B2B marketing model, we are agnostic and will also analyze companies with a B2C model.

What are your investment criteria?

TEAM! The founders/management team are the most important factor in our decision-making process. We must believe that the team can solve the extremely hard problems that the company aims to address.

Of course, we also look at the market, the problem to be solved and the technology.

Where do you invest?

We invest all over the world. Our investment teams are based in Lisbon, Madrid and São Paulo!

What is your investment process and how long does it take?

Again, it depends but as a rule of thumb it will take one to two months to have a term sheet signed and an additional two to three more to close the funding round.

The process usually starts with an initial meeting or call, moving into a second or third meeting/call with a different set of people from our investment team, technology experts and business units.

After having internal validation, we want to test! It’s common for us to test the technology, promoting the development of a PoC (proof of concept) with EDP Group business units, not only to get a better sense of the company, but also because, as a strategic investor, we aim to not only be the investor, but also a client for our startups.

Based on the results coming out of the PoC, together with the overall feedback from the business units we will move forward in presenting your company to our investment committee to get a term sheet approved.

How are you different from other VCs?

We invest our money, time, network of contacts and technological expertise to take your company to the next level.

EDP Ventures has developed an extensive and strong network of partners from industry to institutional investors.

We remain focused on the energy sector and in 7 investment areas (please see our investment areas) where we have developed extensive technological know-how and we have the commitment of EDP Group business units to support our portfolio company internally which we believe is a jumpstart for better and faster market adoption.