• Develop a web based platform for integrating EDP Renewables Cobadin battery
  • Monitor key parameters of the battery, ensuring operation within the warranty contracted with the supplier
  • Develop advanced tools for battery efficiency follow-up with direct impact in operation
  • Advanced analytics and health forecast

Grid scale energy storage systems for renewables integration are becoming more and more popular worldwide. Several lithium-ion chemistries are now mature and broadly available, with costs falling dramatically over the past decade allowing the massive rollout of this technology in the coming years.

However, the use of lithium-ion batteries for large scale energy storage is still quite recent. The learning curve for project designers, system integrators and operators is a very steep one. For that reason, maximizing the insights and knowledge acquired from pilot projects is fundamental for EDP to be in the forefront when it comes to monetize energy storage systems.


Batteries: a challenge for storage

EDP Renováveis and EDP Inovação together with a Finish startup, built an online platform for monitoring key parameters of grid scale battery systems, ensuring operation within the contracted warranty while systematizing the more favorable operating conditions.

This tool is a dashboard receiving real time data streamed from the battery system and providing quick analysis for a broad range of parameters. As of today, it provides the foundation for building more advanced ML & AI based analytics.