Digital in our strategy
Digital disruption is happening at an unprecedented speed and scale, changing business models across all industries and forcing companies to adapt to this new reality.

EDP's digitalization process is taking over the company's entire landscape, changing not only the way we operate in the energy sector but also the way we interact with our employees, customers and the communities we serve.

Digital transformation in the EDP group is based on three interdependent areas: 
  • Strategy
  • Digital Projects
  • Digital Culture






Digital goals
By 2025, the objective will involve investing a total of 1 billion euros in digital CAPEX, enabling projects to be implemented in the various areas of development:
  • Customer relations: to increase the quality and speed of customer services through robotisation and automation tools;
  • Asset & operations management: to increase efficiency through the implementation of predictive maintenance solutions;
  • Internal operation: to simplify and digitise the vast majority of processes, such as check-in for meetings and the signing of contracts.




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KPI 2021

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predictive maintenance in generation
digital processes
customers selfcare interactions
Digital projects
Digital projects are mostly oriented towards the optimization of processes and asset management. MVPs (Minimum Viable Products) are the type of digital project most frequently developed in the EDP group. They enable the basic features of a new product to be tested, with a minimum of financial investment and in the shortest possible time.
In 2021, these themes marked the digital acceleration initiatives in the EDP group:
  • Digital signatures of documents
  • Employee digital experience
  • Predictive maintenance of assets
  • Sustainable customer relationship through digital technology



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digital ecosystem

EDP Digital Factory

Located at EDP headquarters in Lisbon, this space was designed to help employees co-create, prototype, observe, discuss, share, develop, and think. EDP Digital Factory is the place where the company's various business areas and regions converge and also the first step towards creating a digital ecosystem and implementing the new paradigm that EDP intends to embrace. It is a space that reflects the new EDP.


Digital with Purpose movement

In 2021, EDP received the DWP movement’s seal of commitment. The movement consists of more than 40 leading technology companies and its main objective is the promotion and advancement of the technology industry, aligned with sustainable practices and calling on governments and policy makers to accelerate fulfilment of the sustainability goals by 2030.


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