EDP re:dy - Remote Energy Dynamics is an innovative service from EDP Comercial (a company belonging to EDP Group for the free market in electricity in Portugal), which allows residential consumers to comprehensively manage all the energy in their home in real time, wherever they are, from their computer, tablet or smartphone, to reduce costs and optimize usage in a simple, convenient and effortless way.

This service was awarded at the 2015 Green Project Awards, and it is currently provided by EDP Comercial.

Customers can access re:dy by logging in to the website or by downloading the app from the App Store or Android Play Store. This will give them access to all their electricity consumption data and allow them to remotely control the devices associated with the service. The reports include daily consumption data, rate-period data, device data, and subscribed capacity analysis.

The main advantages of EDP re:dy are comfort and safety, consumption transparency, efficiency and savings. With this service, EDP provides a number of energy efficiency measures and complete visibility of a household's power consumption, providing real-time information with just one click.

Thanks to EDP re:dy, consumers set the limit for how much they want to spend every month, and the service notifies them when they are approaching the budget limit. Because it has unique features, this service stands out from the other energy management systems on the market.

Consumption data is collected from the general energy meter and from electrical devices by installing a re:dy box. The box communicates with a new generation meter (smart meter) and with smart electrical outlets (EDP re:dy plug), which allow customers to measure the consumption of the electrical devices to which they are connected. They also allow customers to remotely control their devices, turning them on and off.

In terms of electricity production, re:dy also connects to solar panels for self-consumption from EDP's solar supply, not only to give the customer all the information about their solar production, but also to optimize this and thus reduce the amount of power injected into the grid. Using smart technology, re:dy learns from customer consumption and proposes actions for the equipment to achieve the best balance between grid consumption and solar production (for example, a heater can be switched on automatically when solar production is available in the panels instead of being turned on at night during the typical empty period).

Re:dy was recognized in 2016, World Summit Award (WSA) one of the 40 top digital solutions among 451 nominations.


Labelec's participation description

  • Support to the certification of products/equipments used on the "Re:dy" project;
  • PLC/BPL/HomePlugAV communications diagnosis trials;
  • Study of the performance of equipments with PLC / BPL based on trials;
  • PLC/BPL/GreenPhy technology study and testing rehearsals;
  • Performance study of ZigBee technology equipments;
  • Studies and benchmark analysis of new communication equipments/technologies (PLC, ZigBee, EnOcean, Z-Wave…).


Find out more at EDP Comercial website.