EDP completes installation of more than 500 electric charging points at CTT

Thursday 04, April 2024

The largest private charging network installed by EDP in Portugal will speed up the transition of CTT, which aims to have half of its fleet electrified by 2025.

CTT - Correios de Portugal, leaders in the postal and logistics sector in Portugal, and EDP Comercial, are completing the installation of electric vehicle chargers at locations in mainland Portugal and the Autonomous Region of Madeira and the Autonomous Region of the Azores.

CTT has chosen EDP Comercial as the exclusive supplier of this integrated solution. It will now have 550 charging points in 110 locations, creating a comprehensive energy supply network for its more than 700 electric and hybrid vehicles, representing the largest electric fleet in the national logistics sector.

These EDP Comercial charging points are being installed in strategic CTT locations - warehouses, stores and distribution centers - and electric mobility hubs have been created in these locations, also ensuring permanent monitoring of all through a digital platform and intelligent management of the charging network, in order to ensure that more vehicles can be charging simultaneously. This network should be installed entirely by the second quarter of this year. It proves CTT's commitment to reducing its carbon footprint and EDP's commitment to ensuring the best solutions for its customers' transition.

CTT's sustainable fleet covers approximately 13,200 kilometers per day and, as part of the energy transition, the company already has five 'green' Delivery Centers, where distribution is carried out without CO₂ emissions: Cascais, Arroios, Junqueira and the islands of Graciosa and Porto Santo, with the ambition of expanding to other centers.

"Electric mobility at CTT has been growing exponentially and is undoubtedly our bet for the future. We have a strong presence throughout the country. This means that our ambition to reach every corner of Portugal, in an increasingly 'clean' and economical way, is strengthened by this partnership we have established with EDP. For our ecological fleet to continue to grow, it's crucial to invest in a wide network of charging solutions that meet our distribution needs and the growing challenges of last-mile," says CTT's CEO, João Bento.

With more than 700 alternative vehicles, most of them fully electric, CTT is strongly committed to maintaining the path of decarbonization with well-defined targets: operating with 50% electric vehicles in the last mile by 2025 and 100% by 2030, ensuring that the outsourced road activity uses 45% 'green' vehicles by 2030.

EDP Comercial has invested significantly in accelerating electric mobility in Portugal, developing private charging solutions and partnering with companies of all sizes and sectors of activity to facilitate their transition to electric fleets. Also in public charging, EDP has contributed to developing a national and increasingly diverse network, currently having more than 2,400 charging points contracted in more than 180 municipalities in all districts of the country.

"We are delighted to have been chosen by CTT, a company that plays a vital role in the Portuguese economy and which, due to the number of kilometers it travels daily, could make an important difference in the business sector's transition to more sustainable mobility. With this step, EDP and CTT prove that there are practical and efficient solutions so that more and more corporate fleets can accelerate their decarbonization journey," says Vera Pinto Pereira, executive director of EDP.

The two companies have a strategic partnership underway for the energy transition, which involves EDP supplying renewable electricity to CTT facilities. In addition, this partnership also includes the creation of around 40 Solar Neighborhoods across the country, with the installation of solar power plants on CTT buildings for self-consumption and for sharing this energy with neighboring families and companies. In total, 12,000 solar panels will enable CTT to produce its energy, significantly reduce its consumption from the grid, and share the benefits of this project with around 8,000 families and small businesses. 

EDP Comercial is currently completing the installation of around 4MWp at 23 of CTT's locations. With this creation of renewable energy self-consumption communities, both companies contribute to accelerating the country's energy transition.