EDP & Decathlon

EDP now offers electric charging solutions in Decathlon stores

Monday 13, May 2024

The sporting goods brand has chosen EDP Comercial to install 42 charging points in stores nationwide, promoting electric mobility in Portugal. EDP and Decathlon had already partnered to develop solar energy projects in Portugal and five other European countries.

EDP Comercial has been chosen by Decathlon, a global multi-specialist sports brand, to supply electric mobility solutions in its stores in Portugal. Over the next few months, EDP will install 42 charging points in seven Decathlon stores in mainland Portugal, providing fast and normal charging solutions for customers visiting the stores in Aveiro, Coimbra, Sintra, Cascais, Montijo, Évora, and Faro. The charging points will have a range of 11 to 60 kW of power.

EDP Comercial and Decathlon intend to promote sustainable mobility for visitors to the sports brand's stores, as well as increase the number of solutions available on the public network so that any driver can charge their car across the country in a comfortable and predictable way.

This project reinforces the partnership between the two companies. Earlier this year, they announced they would jointly develop up to 80 solar energy projects at Decathlon stores in six European countries, including Portugal. EDP will provide up to 21 MWp of solar capacity to contribute to Decathlon's ambitious sustainability goals.

The 42 charging points will be connected to the public MOBI.E network and can be used by any electric car driver, regardless of their Electric Mobility Energy Supplier (CEME). These points are in addition to the more than 2,400 EDP Comercial already has in operation or under development in Portugal, in more than 195 municipalities in all of the country's districts.

According to the Association of Electric Vehicle Users (UVE), the first quarter of this year saw the highest number of sales of 100% electric cars in Portugal since records began. The adoption of electric mobility continues to break records, as does the number of charges on EDP's public network: in the first quarter alone, 193,000 charging sessions were carried out, 20% more than in the same period last year.

More than 318,000 hours of electricity charging were carried out, allowing almost 27 million kilometers to be driven without carbon emissions. These charges avoided two tons of CO2.

Since EDP began investing in the development of electric mobility in Portugal, more than 1.4 million charging sessions have been carried out at the company's points connected to the public grid. These charges have made it possible to travel more than 150 million kilometers using electricity alone and have avoided more than 15,000 tons of CO2 that would have been emitted by combustion cars.