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EDP raises awareness of climate emergency in new campaign

Tuesday 03, October 2023

Astronauts from different nations share the transformative experience of the “Overview Effect” of planet Earth, reminding us that there can be no borders in the fight against climate change. "United for a wonderful world" is the motto of the campaign launched globally today.

EDP has just launched its latest corporate campaign, which aims to enhance the importance of greater collaboration in protecting the planet and its resources, threatened by one of the most significant challenges of our time - climate change.

Through an aspirational narrative, based on the transformative experience that astronauts report when they observe planet Earth on their missions (the "Overview Effect"), six men and women from different countries are summoned by EDP to contemplate planet Earth from space, reminding us of its beauty and the importance of global collaboration to ensure its sustainability. The astronauts are on the moon, and together, they make an ode to the planet to the tune of Louis Armstrong's "What a Wonderful World".

As inspiration for the campaign, EDP uses a famous and impactful quote from José Saramago: "You have to leave the island to see the island", recalling how we often take the sustainability of the planet for granted and that we need to gain new perspectives to find solutions collectively that respond unequivocally to the climate emergency. The key message of this corporate campaign is "United for a wonderful world".

"The current context has made climate emergency undeniable, and the transition to renewable energy sources plays a critical role in protecting the planet. This issue has become increasingly relevant in international forums and requires full global collaboration. EDP recently reinforced its commitment to lead the energy transition and is proud to see its ambition recognized by entities such as the United Nations. Yet the planet calls for greater joint action. Nations, governments, families, and companies must come together for the future of our planet," says Vera Pinto Pereira, executive director of EDP.

The campaign is signed by Havas and produced by Krypton. The choice of the astronauts’ various nationalities also represents the globality of EDP’s footprint. The company is present today, with renewable projects and more than 13,000 employees, in Europe, North America, Latin America, and APAC.

In addition to the main film, which will be broadcast on television and social media, EDP created five additional spots with images of renewable projects installed in different countries where the company is present. In Portugal, the Alqueva floating solar plant is highlighted, one which takes advantage of the dam's water mirror to produce clean energy for the region, and Windfloat Atlantic, the first floating wind farm on the Portuguese coast, which produces renewable energy for 25,000 families off the coast of Viana do Castelo. In other countries, solar projects with business customers or families and significant wind and solar farms are being used, demonstrating the multiple fronts on which EDP is accelerating the transition to clean energy sources.

All these projects demonstrate EDP's three-decade commitment to renewable energies and its commitment to the planet. A strategy reinforced in the Business Plan presented in March foresees a global investment of 25 billion euros in the energy transition.

The campaign is multi-media, global, and carried out by Wavemaker. It will be broadcast in EDP's key markets - Portugal, Spain, and Brazil - and in other countries through international media such as the Financial Times, Euronews, Bloomberg, and CNBC, among others.

By committing to being 100% green by 2030, EDP is anticipating important decarbonization targets and helping to accelerate the energy transition. The company aims to use only renewable energy sources by the decade's end. It has been working to bring more and more institutions, customers, and partners into this transition.


Campaign’s message

United for a wonderful world.

The world faces one of the greatest challenges of all time. One where we all have a role to play. 

We must come together and there can be no borders in the energy transition. Only with green energy can we keep a sustainable planet.

EDP is harnessing the power of the wind, the water and the sun to produce 100% green energy.  Our commitment is to become coal free by 2025, all green by 2030, and net zero by 2040. 

The success of this path depends on everyone’s commitment, including clients, providers, communities and policy makers. There’s still a lot to do to ensure a sustainable future for all. 

We choose to keep this a wonderful world. Do you?

Technical data:

Creative agency: HAVAS

Producer: Krypton

Media agency: Wavemaker

Post-production/3D: Lahuellafx