The paper entitled "Storage and Energy Management enabling Grid and Market Services: SENSIBLE's Portuguese real demonstration results" was honourably chosen for oral presentation at the 2019 CIRED conference.

Focusing on the results of Évora’s demonstrator of the SENSIBLE project (finished in December of 2018), this paper will be presented on June 5th in Madrid, in a session dedicated to distributed energy resources and efficient use of electricity (Session 4 - Block 1).

The paper focuses on the demonstration and final results achieved in the village of Valverde, where the capabilities of distributed storage systems (batteries and water heaters) were tested. As assets of the Distribution Network, it was proved how storage systems can, in normal operating conditions, improve the quality of service and also ensure the supply of energy in emergency situations (isolated operation - "lsland" - of a low voltage network and a medium voltage network). As end-user (or retailer) assets, it has been proven how storage systems can maximize self-consumption capacity (when integrated with microgeneration systems) and still optimize energy cost results from a market perspective where the flexibility of the client is valued. 

Following the appointment of Flagship Project in the area of ​​Energy Innovation by the European Commission, the results achieved in Évora are once again focused by the European community, and the demonstrator was elected for the second consecutive time for an oral presentation at the CIRED conference.