To maintain leadership in the renewable energies sector, we know that we need to anticipate market trends and opportunities, analyze emerging technologies, and be efficient in managing our generation portfolio.

Do you want to help us maximize the performance of renewable energies?

These areas are ideal for people with knowledge in the areas of Power and Computer Engineering, Industrial Management and Engineering, Industrial Management and Engineering, Technological Physics Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Sustainability, among others.

Since 2017, I have had the privilege of working for the EDP group, focusing on identifying technological opportunities and developing innovative initiatives in Portugal and worldwide, particularly in the hydrogen sector. EDP is attentive to the now, but also to the challenges that lie ahead and, thus, gives us the opportunity to change tomorrow through continuous learning and pioneering projects, always side by side with a team that motivates and encourages us to get out of the comfort zone.Sofia Ganilha, Hydrogen Project Developer, EDP Renováveis