It is increasingly important for us to foster innovation by exploring the latent potential of data and different technologies. We invest in technologies and projects with great potential for the future, testing them in the context of the energy industry to promote our growth.

Do you have the drive to embrace the change?

These areas are ideal for people with knowledge in the areas of Computer Engineering, Telecommunications and Computer Engineering, Information Management, Information Systems and Technologies, Business Analytics, Data Science, Business Intelligence, Big Data, Mathematics applied to technology, Statistics, among others.

Since I joined EDP (2018), the company has allowed me to grow continuously and challenging in the different positions I've experienced, namely in the Data & Analytics area, integrating qualified and dynamic teams. Currently, my responsibility consists of keeping Cloud data up-to-date and accessible in real time, for the Analytics of various Business Units. And the joint design of innovative solutions, between our partners and the business. These were years of recognised effort, and support in professional development.Sofia Criulean, Data Engineering CC, DGU – Digital Global Unit