The world is facing unprecedented challenges and needs to be transformed. At EDP, we intend to continue to grow through a business model adapted to the challenges of sustainable development.

Are you prepared to lead the energy transition to create superior value?

These areas are ideal for people with knowledge in the areas of Psychology, Social and Organizational Psychology, Human Resource Management, Law, Business and Labor Law, Solicitor's Office, International Relations, Sociology, Anthropology, Political Science, among others.

I’ve recently joined the FP&A function at EDPR Europe and Brazil, having just returned from three years at our North American business. The experience in Houston was the most enriching of my career as I gained a different perspective. Tackling problems with a diverse team in a different environment is a rewarding learning experience. I joined the FP&A function, at EDPR, early in my career, a choice that has given me a broad perspective of the company’s business and many professional growth opportunities.António Snow, Financial Planning & Analysis, EDPR