Organizations are facing new challenges and need to be reorganized. EDP Is evolving as a global, agile and efficient organization, preparing its people for the challenges of the future, which raises new labor and people management challenges.

Do you have the right will to build a future-proof organization?

These areas are ideal for people with knowledge in the areas of Psychology, Social and Organizational Psychology, Human Resource Management, Law, Business and Labor Law, Solicitor's Office, International Relations, Sociology, Anthropology, Political Science, among others.

When I started working in People Management I had little knowledge of the role of this area in an organisation. I had the idea that it was important to like people, but throughout my career I realized that People Management is much more than that. To work with people is to be in constant movement and connection with the company. Even though there are routines, every day in the area can be different, because people are also different every day. The people who make the company "live" are the people, and if they do not transmit all their power and are not connected, just like a gear, they do not drive the movement. Being part of this area is not only ensuring the movement, but also understanding how this movement will contribute to the future of the company and its people.Rafael Tetsuji Fujii, People Management Consultant, focus on Remuneration @ EDP Brazil